Sunday, 25 August 2013

Vanilla Heart Biscuits

Finally I am back in the kitchen after the arrival of our beautiful baby daughters Alexa and Saskia.  They were born, 2 months early, in May.  They were both so tiny but absolutely perfect and I'm a very happy Mummy.

16 weeks on and I am surfacing from the world of sleepless nights. For the last couple of weeks they have both slept through with only a 'dream feed' at 11pm.  

I am, as you can imagine, ecstatic!  To celebrate I have spent a little time in the kitchen doing some super-easy cooking for the first time since their arrival. 

I baked pretty, heart-shaped, vanilla biscuits in honour of the fact that our world has suddenly become a lot more girlie!  Everywhere I look there are various shades of pink and purple and I love it!  

You will need -

110g butter, at room temperature
70g caster sugar
1 small egg yolk
1/2 tsp vanilla extract
140g plain flour
pinch salt

icing sugar for decorating

this recipe makes about 15 biscuits 
heat the oven to 190*C

1. Put the butter and caster sugar in a bowl and mix really well until light and fluffy.  Stir in the egg yolk and vanilla extract.

2. Sift the flour into the mixture, add the salt and stir well until you can form the mixture into a ball.  Wrap the ball in cling film and chill in the fridge for 30 mins.

3. Line a baking tray with baking paper. Unwrap the dough and roll out between 2 sheets of baking paper to about 1cm thick.  Use heart shaped cutters to cut out cookies and put them on the baking sheets.  Leave space between them as they will expand in the oven.  The dough is really forgiving, you can really just squash it into what ever shape you want. 

4. Cook for 10-15 minutes or until they are light, golden brown.  Leave to cool on the baking tray.

5. When cool, decorate using icing sugar and a stencil or paper doily (remember those)!

You can keep them in an airtight box for a few days.

You know what I'm going to say next.....Oscar wouldn't eat them!  He really enjoyed helping me make them but sadly wouldn't even let a crumb pass his lips!  

Possibly if they had been dinosaur-shaped, things might have been different.

Oscar's score - 0/5!  


aceyjay said...

Great to have you back and blogging and to see a photo of Alexa and Saskia. Great recipe too. Xx

aceyjay said...

Great to have you back in the kitchen and blogging but even better to see a picture of Alexa and Saskia. Great recipe too. Xx

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